02-01-2023 Our work on the creation of color centers in nanodiamonds via silicon implantation has been published in Nanophotonics.

01-31-2023 Simeon has presented an invited talk at the SPIE Photonics West conference.

01-11-2023 Simeon has presented an invited talk at the PQE Snowbird conference.

12-16-2022 Our review on quantum nanophotonic devices based on color centers in nanodiamonds has been published in Optical Materials Express.

09-01-2022 We thank the Department of Energy for awarding our collaboration grant on quantum-assisted microscopy with Prof. Mikael Backlund, Prof. Paul Kwiat, Prof. Virginia Lorenz and ORNL.

08-26-2022 Abhee Jani is joining our group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Abhee!

06-01-2022 Our collaboration project with Prof. Prashant Jain and Prof. Bryan Clark “Scalable fabrication of ultrafast quantum photonic devices by a machine learning powered deterministic assembly process” has been awarded Phase 2 funding in the Strategic Research Initiative Program. Thanks to the Grainger College of Engineering for their support!

05-03-2022 Sweta has been selected as one of the Mavis Future Faculty Fellows (MF3), in the CoE program designed to facilitate the training for the next generation of engineering professors.Congrats, Sweta!

02-23-2022 Our work on electric field control of interaction between magnons and quantum spin defects has been published in Phys. Rev. Research.

02-20-2022 Our works on the dynamics of the resistive transition in thin epitaxial superconducting TiN films have been uploaded to arXiv: T-fluctuation model and spectroscopic measurements of the resistive transition.

02-11-2022 Yichen has been admitted to the graduate school at UC Berkeley. Congrats, Yichen!

01-30-2022 Matthew Guibord is joining our group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Matt!

01-26-2021 Simeon has presented two invited talks on quantum device nanoassembly and rapid quantum and nanoscale optical characterization methods at the SPIE Photonics West Conference.

12-22-2021 Sweta has been selected to receive the J.A. Woollam Company Scholarship from the SVC Foundation. Congrats, Sweta!

12-02-2021 Congrats to Sweta on passing her Qualifying exam in Electrical Engineering!

10-31-2021 Sary Bseiso is joining our group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Sary!

07-07-2021 Our work on superresolution imaging of quantum emitters using machine learning has been uploaded to arXiv.

06-16-2021 Our paper on rapid absolute sizing of dielectric nanoparticles by confocal microscopy has been published in Applied Physics Letters. Congrats to Sweta and Hana!

04-06-2021 Furkan Sahbaz is joining our group as a graduate student. Welcome, Furkan!

03-30-2021 Our collaboration project with Prof. Prashant Jain and Prof. Bryan Clark “Machine-assisted scalable fabrication of ultrafast quantum photonic devices” has been supported by the Strategic Research Initiative Program. Thanks to the Grainger College of Engineering for their support!

01-29-2021 Yichen Liu is joining our group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Yichen!

09-09-2020 Our work on rapid classification of quantum sources enabled by machine learning has been published in Advanced Quantum Technologies and is highlighted on Eurekalert (AAAS)!

09-09-2020 Irsyad Hadi Farhan Arizal is joining our group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Hadi!

08-25-2020 Our work on fundamental limits for plasmon-enhanced single-photon sources has been highlighted in the popular Russian newspaper Kommersant!

08-24-2020 Four of our talks are currently available for viewing at SPIE Optics and Photonics 2020 online conference! Check them out:

11460-40 – Machine learning assisted plasmonics and quantum optics

11461-56 – Assembly and integration of plasmon-enhanced single-photon sources

11462-16 – Plasmonic nanostructures from crystalline silver for ultrafast quantum photonics

11470-70 – Optical electron spin relaxometry in diamond nitrogen-vacancy centers for applications in quantum and nanoscale photonics

“Chip-compatible quantum plasmonic launcher”, AdOM, 202070079 (2020)

08-05-2020 Hana Azzouz will be soon starting her graduate studies at MIT. Congratulations and best of luck!

08-02-2020 Our paper “Chip-compatible quantum plasmonic launcher

has been published in Advanced Optical Materials (see the cover page opposite)

07-25-2020 Our paper “On-chip single-layer integration of diamond spins with microwave and plasmonic channels” has been published in ACS Photonics!

07-23-2020 Arthur Liang is joining the group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Arthur!

05-15-2020 Simeon presented two talks at CLEO (click below for Zoom recordings):

Enhancing the performance of coupled cavity-antenna plasmonic nanostructures for ultrafast quantum photonics (FM4C.3)

A quantum plasmonic launcher for integrated ultrafast single-photon sources (FTh4D.4)

05-07-2020 Our work on fundamental limits of plasmon-enhanced single-photon emission has been published in Optica.

04-08-2020 Jaehoon Choi will be joining the group as a graduate student in Fall 2020 after he graduates from WUSTL. Welcome, Jaehoon!

03-17-2020 Swetapadma Sahoo will be joining the group in Fall 2020 as a graduate student after receiving her B.Sc. from IIT Bombay and having worked as a Product Specialist for Murata Manufacturing in Yokohama. Welcome, Sweta!

01-27-2020 Dishen Majithia joins the group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Dishen!

01-14-2020 Yihao Deng joins the group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Yihao!

01-12-2020 Our work on ultrabright single-photon emission at room temperature has been featured in a news article in the leading Russian newspaper Izvestia.

01-01-2020 I have officially started the faculty appointment at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign!

11-02-2019 Our paper on revealing surface magnetic disorder in epitaxial superconducting films has appeared in Physical Review Applied.

08-10-2019 I will be joining the ECE department at the University of Illinois in January 2020 to start a new research group in the area of Quantum and Integrated Nanophotonics. Please contact me directly regarding openings for students and postdocs.

05-09-2019 Our Perspective on achieving quantum optical coherence using a plasmonic speed-up has appeared in Science.

05-06-2019 Contributed talk at CLEO on spin coherence in single plasmon-enhanced NV centers

03-01-2019 Invited talk at Virginia Commonwealth University – big thanks to Prof. Nate Kinsey for the invitation and a stimulating discussion.

02-09-2019 Invited talk at SPIE Photonics West – thanks to Conference Chairs Prof. Manijeh Razeghi and Prof. Masud Mansuripur for the kind invitation.

12-01-2018 A highlight of our recent paper on the ultrabright single-photon source has appeared in Optics and Photonics News.

10-17-2018 The news about our work on the ultrabright single-photon emission appear in Purdue News as well as on

NV-NPA_crystalline v2
Plasmonic antennas made from crystalline silver enhance the single-photon production rates at room temperature to unprecedented levels. Picture credit: Misha Shalaginov

10-01-2018 Our work in Nano Letters  on ultrabright single-photon emission has been selected by OSA’s Optics and Photonics News for coverage in the upcoming “Optics in 2018” December issue as one of the most exciting peer-reviewed articles of the year in Optics!

08-24-2018 Simeon returned from SPIE Optics and Photonics conference. This conference is definitely getting more interesting each year, with ever more big names and creative works!

07-12-2018 Simeon is back from IEEE Photonics Society’s Summer Topical conference in Hawaii. Every talk was a highlight – very pleasing to be part of such a group. Also a good place for networking due to limited number of parallel sessions.

06-29-2018 Simeon gave a seminar at Stony Brook University in the AMO group led by Hal Metcalf, one of the inventors of laser cooling. Impressive teaching facility for undergraduate students, who get to benefit from the guidance of an eminent scientist. Thanks a lot for a fantastic hospitality!

SBU 2018 Purdue
With Purdue colleagues at the Preparing Future Faculty Workshop, Stony Brook, June 2018

06-28-2018 Simeon attended the Preparing Future Faculty workshop at Stony Brook University. Very useful resource for those who are considering a career in academia. Thanks to Andrey and Alison for an impeccable organization!

06-12-2018 Simeon gave a seminar at the City College of New York, kindly hosted by Vinod Menon and Carlos Meriles. Thanks for the great lab visits and your time!

05-19-2018 Simeon has spoken at the Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) held in San Jose, CA.